Bourgogne wines


100% Gamay, this tender and generous wine is highly sought-after and ideal to keep for a few years.

You will be charmed by its nose, combining both freshness and subtlety with some floral, spicy, and mineral notes. You will then be guided by a fruity, light, and voluptuous mouth.

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- History -

Plot of 1 hectare located in the township of La Chapelle de Guinchay. Planted in the 1960s. First vintage in 2022.

- Terroir -

Soil with few stones in the foothills and ancient alluvial deposits. North/South exposure

- Grape variety -

100% Gamay

- Viticulture -

Grass cover between the vines is controlled. The agricultural practices preserve the natural ecosystem: HEV level 3. The average yield is 56hL per hectare.

- Vinification -

Manual harvesting. 100% de-stemming. Vatting time of 8 to 10 days.

- Annual production -

Approximately 2,000 bottles (75cl)

- Tasting -

Rouge grenat profond
Fruits noirs alliant fraicheur et subtilité, avec quelques notes florales,épicées et minérales
Fruitée et légère, tanins fondus et gourmands. Equilibrée.

- Ageing potential -

1 to 5 years

- Serving temperature -

16 to 18°C


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